SALVECO laboratory plant-based chemistry pioneer

Out-license and private label products

Solutions that fit your needs

SALVECO offers you two turnkey solutions: a license to use our technology or the production and packaging of your products. Our experience with legislation, the choice of 100% plant-based raw materials and the effectiveness of our products make us the perfect partner for your development strategy. Take advantage of our know-how to market products fitting to your markets and your customers!

A product range ready to market

- Surface & floor disinfectants
- Oven cleaners / floor cleaners / surface cleaners
- Disinfecting & sanitizing soaps
- Laundry detergent
- Dishwashing liquid
- Shower gel, ...

Various types of packaging

- Packaging capacity for small and medium series in spray, can, bottle or bulk, from 150 mL sprayer to 210 liter drum

- Thanks to our partner subcontractors we offer you other formats (wipes, water-soluble doses, etc.)

A customized design

of your product range in cooperation with our Research and Development, Marketing and Regulatory team.

A strong flexibility

- Turnkey solutions adapted to your markets and support at all stages

- Customized developments for your specific markets

A specialist in plant-based chemistry to support you

From A to Z, SALVECO takes care of every stage of a project. We offer different levels of customization for each step and each type of product, going from simple label customizations to co-development or adjustment of the formula. You choose the level of customization you want!

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How does a private label manufacturing project work?

  • You meet our project manager with whom you define the specifications. You will discuss information about :
    • the product
    • the packaging
    • the label
    • the commercial conditions
  • You receive a detailed proposal

Once your order has been validated, we will continue with the various stages of the private label project, according to the needs highlighted.

SALVECO, your partner in the forecasting regulatory compliance

Whether you take the license or entrust us with the entire manufacturing project, SALVECO’s approach allows you to meet the requirements of the legislation. Beyond the standards set by the law, there are labels (e.g. environmental) that encourage an additional commitment to improve performance. How can you stay on top of all the changes in the market, or even anticipate them?

Trust the SALVECO laboratory and its teams who constantly monitor French and European legislation.

Thanks to its unique and patented alternative, SALVECO is the first simplified AM holder for lactic acid in Europe!

Our team works daily to offer the healthiest solutions possible:

  • purchases of agro-based raw materials,
  • innovative product formulations,
  • a regulatory monitoring service.

The SALVECO laboratory is a recognised expert in lactic acid based disinfection. Our technology has been recognized in France and in Europe according to the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR). SALVECO holds more than 130 simplified marketing authorizations (SMA), and is the first holder of MA of the Union, giving access to all European markets at once.
You want to develop your disinfection range on the European markets? Or create your first brand of biocidal products more respectful of the environment and its users?

Biocides with a classification, as mentioned on the label (corrosive, irritant…), must be authorized by a MA (Marketing Authorization). Biocidal products that are not classified and meet high requirements, including low toxicity and ecotoxicity as well as the absence of substances of concern, must be authorized by an simplified MA (Simplified Marketing Authorization).

All our formulations are 100% plant-based and biodegradable (according to OECD 301 guidelines), and their safety has been proven. This allows SALVECO’s products to benefit from simplified MA and to have the advantage of being exempt from MA. This allows the launch of new products in a few months rather than several years.

All rodenticides (PT14), insecticides (PT18) and disinfectants (PT2 / PT4) classified as H400 and H410 will be prohibited from advertising and some commercial practices such as discounts and rebates for non-professional users.

SALVECO products are biocidal products eligible for the simplified authorization procedure. They are therefore excluded from the scope of the EGalim law.

Our team knows the current regulations and anticipates future changes on many subjects such as

  • CMR substance,
  • endocrine disruptors,
  • allergens,
  • etc.

Own brand manufacturing - the steps

Subcontracting of manufacturing

STEP 1 | Selection

Our team selects the most suitable product for you from our portfolio. This choice is made according to the market you are targeting and your specifications. We build you a new tailor-made plant-based range with our patented effibioz technology.

STEP 2 | Purchase

The raw materials we source are 100 % plant-based, exclusively from renewable resources. We take care to choose suppliers we trust. Our requirements for the purchase of raw materials allow us to offer safe and sustainable formulations.

STEP 3 | Production

The many advantages of our plant are the efficiency and flexibility thanks to the "One Pot" process. It allows to introduce all the raw materials at once in a closed circuit. It keeps the properties and the quality of the plant-based materials while offering a high production capacity with an automated process. We manufacture products that guarantee their quality/traceability system.
The quality control is omnipresent throughout the manufacturing chain of the product.

Subcontracting of packaging

STEP 4 | Packaging

Once the formula is defined, we suggest you choose the packaging best suited to your needs. We work with recycled and recyclable packaging.

STEP 5 | Labeling

Our team helps you with the creation of the label to be placed on the product packaging. You will benefit from our expertise on our products but also on the regulatory monitoring, in particular for the labels of disinfection and hygiene products. We systematically check all product labels to ensure compliance with current legislation.

STEP 6 | Processing

The factory is equipped with packaging lines that can handle small series as well as large volumes, with different levels of automation. We support you in all phases of your project, allowing you to combine performance, reliability and competitiveness.

Responsable commercial chez SALVECO

Our team of experts is at your side

You are a brand, a distributor, a store, a pharmacy and you want to market 100% plant-based products under your own name? We can help you with your needs.

In concrete terms, you will work with SALVECO experts. Each team will accompany you throughout the project, from your initial request to the marketing of your product, according to your choice.

To go further on out-licensing or private branding

Read our latest articles and download our white paper to find out about out-licensing and private labeling at SALVECO.