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About SALVECO laboratory

Our mission is to create a rupture, to supply the chemistry for cleaning and disinfection that will be highly efficient, safer and more respectful of users and their environment.

Women and men at SALVECO work every day to supply the base of a cleaning and disinfection that will be safer and more secure for humans.

Highly efficient, respectful of environment, the solutions proposed by SALVECO allow our customers to reduce induced risks from the use of chemicals by end users.
Leveraging a technological breakthrough, SALVECO proposes to its partners to supply professionals with the advantages delivered by plant-based chemistry:

  • 100% natural origin formulas,
  • reduced toxicity, no eco-toxicity,
  • 100% biodegradability,
  • renewable resources,
  • no synthesis ingredients…

Thanks to a careful selection of various natural or bio-sourced ingredients, an advanced formation expertise, and a unique patented hydrosolubilisation process, SALVECO delivers complete ranges of products that are well above labels’ requirements such as the Euro Ecolabel or the Ecocert, for any of your customer’s business (catering, lodging, health, industry…).

Every day, for you, for your customers, SALVECO delivers chemistry inspired by the future.

PHD Stephan Auberger
Dr Stephan Auberger

Our vision, a breakthrough

The SALVECO approach is to allow you to anticipate and manage the demanding requirements of labels and regulation.

Where regulation sets minimal requirements, labels (ecological, voluntary, etc.) propose a self-imposed improvement approach.

The breakthrough technology of SALVECO allows you to go one step further, without any extra constraint as it naturally delivers:

  • Safety and security for the users
  • As well as regulatory simplicity (reducing dangers, risk phrases, no OEL, etc.)

Our responsibility begins where the regulations end.

Our Charter

Because awareness should be collective.

Because hygiene should not harm health.

Because there are effective alternatives to petrochemicals.

Because 100% of our ingredients come from renewable resources.

Because a truly healthy product must be 100% biodegradable.

Because satisfaction due to results leads to pleasure.

Because innovation is only valuable if it is within reach of everyone.

A performing R&D Center

Formulas are developed and modified in the laboratory by our scientists (doctors, engineers and university professors).

Skills and methodology in :

  • Formulation engineering
  • Microbiological studies
  • Efficacy reports
  • Regulations, toxicology
  • Olfaction expertise, perfumes
  • Analysis in physico-chemistry, chemistry

The breakthrough in technology and skills of our lab ensure you to get quality, safety, efficiency, regulatory and technological intelligence.

Resulting from university research, SALVECO products are the result of the mastery of new technologies in plant-based chemistry.
They have received the support and recommendation of various leaders in the world of research and scientific industry.

études expérimentales sur nos substances et formulation

State-of-the-art production unit

Located in the heart of the Vosges, SALVECO’s industrial formulation unit is a state-of-the-art tool, developed and industrialized in partnership with IFPEN, a leading R&D institute. Associated with SALVECO plant-based chemistry, this tool offers many advantages:

  • Efficiency and flexibility thanks to the “One Pot” process which allows the simultaneous introduction of all raw materials in a closed circuit
  • Preservation of the properties and quality of the plant materials
  • High production capacity in a compact installation
  • Automated production
  • Guarantee of the quality/traceability system

These characteristics allow SALVECO formulas to be produced in a very competitive way but also with a considerably reduced environmental footprint:

  • Gravity feeding
  • Low energy consumption
  • No production waste, no waste during formulation


Quality control is omnipresent throughout the product manufacturing chain. The raw materials used are systematically controlled as well as all our productions through production reports, microbiological and physico-chemical analyses to ensure optimal quality and traceability of our products.

The packaging unit enables us to meet the essential needs of our partners for small and medium-sized series and to offer a complete solution with a wide range of packaging formats (cans, sprayers, drums, etc.).

SALVECO Un site de production de pointe

A comprehensive offer to meet your needs

Research & Development

As an R&D center, the SALVECO laboratory customizes its formulas to your needs and meets your expectations within a partnership approach. SALVECO also carries out R&D projects under contract.

Manufacture and sale of concentrated formulas

Our expertise comes in the form of more than 50 concentrated formulas, offered to our partners in bulk form in IBC containers. The efficiency of SALVECO’s industrial tool allows us to offer you this range of formulas at a competitive price and our expertise offers you a large capacity of customization, in particular thanks to our library of more than 50 olfactory notes 100% of natural origin.

Packaging of finished products

In order to provide a complete service to its customers, SALVECO has a packaging capacity for small and medium-sized series in sprayers, cans, bottles or drums, from 150 mL sprayers to 210-liter drums. With our sub-contractor partners, we offer you a complete service for other formats (wipes, water-soluble doses, etc.). SALVECO assists you in your administrative, regulatory and certification procedures.

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SALVECO history


Establishment of SALVECO by Dr. S. Auberger, in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (France)


1st European Ecolabel range in the field of detergents (FR01) B2B / B2C


1st Ecocert professional and consumer ranges - 100% plant-based origin


New international biocidal patents and launch of complete disinfection and hygiene ranges


Launch of the #YOU By SALVECO brand on the consumer market


Industrial extension, expansion of the site, laboratories, and the formulation and packaging unit


BPR/AMMS (Simplified Marketing Authorization) for SALVECO disinfectants


Penetration of specialized (organic) networks in France


BPR/AMM biocides by SALVECO


SALVECO joins the SOCOMORE Group, manufacturer of surface preparation and treatment products, mainly for the aerospace industry


1st European Marketing Authorization (Union MA) for its range of biocidal products
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