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SALVECO, the French plant-based laboratory, strengthens its leadership position

SALVECO, the French plant-based laboratory, moves mountains and strengthens its leadership position

France – Saint Dié des Vosges – 2023, July 24th

SALVECO, the French laboratory specializing in Plant-based Chemistry, is proud to announce recent major developments that further strengthen its market position. With the granting of European Marketing Authorization (MA) for its flagship Effibioz technology, and new strategic partnerships, SALVECO continues to make significant inroads in the Sustainable and Responsible Care sector.

SALVECO’s lactic acid based biocidal products are now officially approved by the European authorities. This authorization confirms the efficiency and safety of the products, paving the way for their sale throughout the European market. Marketing authorization is a crucial step in the development and validation of disinfectant products, and SALVECO is proud to have obtained this official recognition for its patented Effibioz technology.

Remember that since 2014, SALVECO has also been the first holder of Simplified Marketing Authorizations (SMA) for lactic acid based disinfectants in Europe, the only one in France, and holds over 200 of them!

Thanks to these long-term authorizations and its innovative patented Effibioz technology, SALVECO is able to offer its partners its competitive formulations, in ready-to-use or concentrate form, under their own brand names, within just 3 and 6 months, and in all European countries.

At the same time, SALVECO continues to strengthen its position as leader in plant-based disinfection with its partners, including Diversey, world leader in cleaning and hygiene solutions, the Altaïr Group known for its Starwax, Kapo and Briochin brands, as well as Laboratoire Science et Nature, a key player in the field of natural health and well-being products, and the Dutch company HG, which have chosen SALVECO as an ecological and sustainable alternative to conventional chemical products. These strong collaborations will enable SALVECO to offer these market players its expertise in detergent and disinfectant product ranges, free from quaternary ammonium and alcohol, totally safe for health, and for which we ensure regulatory compliance and sustainability.

At a time when more and more companies are opting for a positive, sustainable corporate social responsibility policy, Effibioz technology meets their expectations by providing the foundations for safer, healthier cleaning and disinfection, thanks to fully biodegradable, environmentally-friendly formulas using biosourced ingredients (instead of petroleum derivatives) while guaranteeing optimum efficiency identical to chemical-synthetic products.

SALVECO remains as committed as ever to working with virtuous partners to extend its positive impact on the cleaning, hygiene and natural disinfection industries, and consolidates its place as a company committed to sustainability and Health.

We have the know-how, approvals and regulatory expertise to help you bring safer, healthier products to market. Contact us today!


SALVECO, an industrial laboratory set up in 1994 and specializing in plant-based chemistry, develops hygiene and cleaning products derived exclusively from renewable resources. Thanks to its breakthrough Effibioz technology and its regulatory expertise, SALVECO provides its customers with products that protect health and the environment, covering a very wide range of professional and consumer applications.

SALVECO renforce sa position de leader

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