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Revolutionizing Homecare Products with Salveco “Label Advantage”

Homecare product manufacturers are under increasing pressure to meet consumer demand for safe, effective, and sustainable products. Salveco is revolutionizing the industry with its “label advantage”, to help manufacturers differentiate themselves and align with the new consumers’ values.

The Label Advantage on the Shelf

In an industry where hazard labels and toxic ingredients are commonplace, Salveco offers a significant advantage. Salveco’s plant-based chemistry and know-how provide safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly solutions that meet the highest standards of the modern consumer. 

With Salveco, there are no hazard labels, providing a unique selling point that can differentiate your products from others on the shelf. Without sacrificing product effectiveness.

This not only reassures the consumer but also helps to build trust in your brand.


Your products will stand out. 

make your homecare products stand out

The Label Advantage on barcodes

The modern consumer is increasingly aware and cautious about the homecare products they purchase, using mobile applications to verify the products’ quality by scanning barcodes. 

Salveco’s technology and expertise in plant-based chemistry enable their products to have no hazard labels, which translates into the barcode. 

Scanning the barcode of Salveco’s products results in an excellent rating, which further reassures consumers and streamlines the sales process.


The absence of hazard labels also simplifies the shopping experience for consumers, eliminating the need to decipher complex and anxiety inducing warning labels.

The evidence is there:


your homecareproducts are so good they stand out on yuka

Or on any other mobile app used by consumers all around the world:

What if your products were so highly rated on your consumers’ mobiles?

Homecare Industry: ripe for disruption?

With customers becoming more conscious about what they use in their homes, manufacturers need to provide safe, non-toxic, and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of this new generation of consumers.

In this new era of consciousness, Salveco stands out as the leader in plant-based chemistry, offering a unique solution that not only satisfies consumer demands but also meets the high standards of the modern homecare industry. With Salveco, manufacturers can finally offer safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that are fit for the new world order.

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