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First lactic acid based Marketing Authorisations holder in Europe

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Don’t make compromise between safety and efficiency for your disinfection range!

Choose SALVECO laboratory: a proven expert of lactic acid based disinfection in Europe and beyond. Our technology has been recognized in France and Europe regarding Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

With more than 130 SMA, SALVECO is the first Simplified Marketing Authorisation (SMA) holder in Europe (and the only SMA holder in France). SALVECO is also the first laboratory to hold a European Marketing Authorisation (MA), thanks to its unique disinfection technology based on lactic acid.

Due to the very high criteria to be eligible for a SMA, being approved is a true guarantee of our products efficiency, safety, low risks as well as a recognition of our expertise.

First lactic acid based Marketing Authorisations (MA & SMA) holder in Europe

The Simplified Marketing Authorisation (SMA) allows us to get the authorisation in a few months instead of years. Also, it’s the reason why there is no CLP nor risk pictogram on our products, and no personal safety equipment required. A real advantage for you and your customers as well as a strong sales argument on the disinfection markets.

Choosing SALVECO as a partner is an opportunity to create or develop your very own brand in all Europe, from 3 to 6 months. Thanks to our in-depth expertise of the regulations, our experts will be in charge of the whole regulatory process. In a unbeatable time to market, create or expand your own brand of PT1, PT2/4 or PT3 plant-based biocidal products in European markets.

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You want to expand your disinfection range in Europe? You want to create your first brand of biocidal products? Don’t wait any longer.

With SALVECO innovative technology and approved formulas and active substances, you can develop your plant-based disinfection range in under 6 months. SALVECO provides a turnkey solution for you: choose directly in our large products offering. All our products, bulk or concentrate, are covered by MA & SMA. Thanks to our lactic acid based biocidal technology, the products require no CLP nor risk pictogram: a true environmentally and people friendly product, with an easy label management, offering many marketing opportunities.

Innovative plant-based disinfection technology

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Time to market from 3 to 6 months

PT1, PT2/4 and PT3 biocidal products

No CLP nor risk pictogram

Partner with the key European player of biocidal products

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Did you know that the majority of the biocidal ranges sold on the European market are under the transitional regime of the BPR regulation? Do you think it’s risky to develop a business based on a temporary approval? We think so too. Partner with SALVECO to get out of the unsafe temporary regime.

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With SALVECO technology, you are 100% compliant to European regulation no. 528/2012. Our active substances and formulas are approved by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and covered by MA and SMA. We are the first MA and SMA holder in Europe. Our regulatory team know perfectly the current regulations as well as the ones to come. We monitor and anticipate each regulation update to always be one step ahead : Egalim, CLP, BPR,..

Most of all, we are very involved and activists for change regarding controversial substances. CMR, endocrine disruptors, allergens, nanomaterials..: these substances are banned from our formulas, even if some are still authorised on European markets.

Since its creation in 1994, SALVECO aims for excellence. Its products and formulas are compliant with all the required efficiency standards, proven by independent and specialized laboratory test reports. The ingredients in our formulas are certified 100% biodegradable (according to OECD 301 guidelines) and from plant origin. The key is the lactic acid, a unique technology covered by the Effibioz patent.

Choose the safety: for your company, your customers and the environment

SALVECO’s European Marketing Authorisation (MA) and SMA provide peace of mind regarding regulation and will secure your markets and your customers. But it goes far beyond this: SALVECO’s formulas ensure the safety of the products’ users and protect the environment.
You want to develop a green and effective disinfection technology to meet environmental challenges? Our laboratory is specialised in 100 % plant and mineral-based formulas. They are exclusively developed from plants and agro-sourced products, yet they provide yeasticidal, bactericidal and virucidal activities: a patented technology you can benefit from. This is the opportunity for your company to go green on the disinfection market.

No alcohol
No quaternary ammonium​
No bleach​
No endocrine disruptor​
No toxic VOCs​

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R&D Innovation: an effective biocide in 2 minutes only!

Once again, SALVECO has positioned itself as a pioneer in plant disinfection with its latest innovation. While the majority of disinfectants on the market are effective with contact times of 5 minutes at least, the SALVECO laboratory recently succeeded in developing a dinsinfectant formula that is effective in just 2 minutes! A feat made possible by our Research and Development team.

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