SALVECO laboratory plant-based chemistry pioneer

Simplify and accelerate the time to market for your products


SALVECO is an expert laboratory and a pioneer in plant-based chemistry for the formulation of hygiene, disinfection and cleaning products with low impact on health and the environment. We have developed several ranges of ready-to-use products, dedicated to your markets. We provide technical, regulatory and commercial support throughout Europe, enabling us to offer your customers a new generation of solutions.

An R&D center and a breakthrough technology

Industrial R&D center specialized in plant-based chemistry, laboratory with multi-disciplinary skills, to ensure quality, safety, efficiency, monitoring of technology and regulations.

Healthy, efficient and competitive products

A wide range of professional and domestic products, truly safe for users and the environment.

A complete offer to meet all your needs

SALVECO provides an effective solution to the needs of manufacturers and retailers, thanks to its powerful industrial tool, which offers concentrated formulas in bulk or in customized packagings.

"The SALVECO laboratory is your privileged partner for healthy and low-impact disinfection and detergents. This is based on the sanitary urgency of the post-Covid era: we must be able to be efficient while preserving our health and ensuring the compliance and regulatory continuity of your products"
Dr Stephan Auberger, fondateur du laboratoire SALVECO
Dr Stephan Auberger
Founder of the SALVECO laboratory

Disinfection and detergents

In the light of what we have just been through, it is now clear to all of us that we need to protect ourselves from germs, bacteria and viruses. But this should not be at the expense of our health!

Discover our biocidal products 100% plant-based, without harmful effects, adapted to each sector and customer type.

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License and private label

We offer you two ready-to-use solutions:

  • the out-licensing: you manufacture your own licensed products on your premises.
  • the manufacturing: you outsource us parts of the manufacturing process, from formulation to packaging and labeling.

The great success of our existing partners makes us the ideal supplier to create or develop your own brand of plant-based cleaning and disinfecting products. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to create your very own products!

First lactic acid based Marketing Authorisations holder in Europe

With more than 130 SMA, SALVECO is the expert in efficient and CLP-free plant-based disinfection. Its lactic acid based disinfectant and detergent technology offers many advantages for a faster time to market of its formulations. SALVECO also has the Union MA, which enables it to launch its products on the European market at once.

Simplicity and expertise: take advantage of SALVECO’s offer, the main player in biocidal products in Europe, to benefit from its formulas and its MA/SMA. Finally, choose regulatory safety but also safety for your users and the environment with plant based biocides.

First lactic acid based Marketing Authorisations (MA & SMA) holder in Europe
Dr Stephan Auberger, fondateur du laboratoire SALVECO

Our business links formulation and manufacturing of a range of detergents and disinfectants 100% plant-based

Since 1994, SALVECO laboratory founded by Dr. S. Auberger in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France, has been developing effibioz, a patented technological process and unique know-how. It has created a range of detergents and disinfectants 100% plant-based, exclusively from renewable sources.

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