SALVECO laboratory plant-based chemistry pioneer
Laboratoire Science et Nature signs a licensing agreement with Salveco

Laboratoire Science et Nature has signed a licence as part of a technological and industrial partnership with the French laboratory Salveco, a specialist in disinfection with its EFFIBIOZ technology.

Laboratoire Science et Nature has signed this licence as part of a partnership to promote the unique technology of Salveco, the French laboratory specialising in plant-based chemistry. This agreement will enable it to continue promoting the lactic acid-based technology that has contributed to the success of its activities.

Since 1994, Salveco has been developing hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products exclusively from renewable resources, conscious of the need to create 100% plant-based cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene products that are harmless to health while guaranteeing their effectiveness. With its unique know-how, Salveco also filed its first Effibioz patents in 2011 at European and then worldwide level, and in 2014 obtained the first marketing authorisations from the ECHA, which guarantee the lowest risk for this type of biocidal product. More than 80% of European authorisations for biocidal disinfectants (AMMS) belong to the Salveco laboratory!

With this partnership, which gives it access to Salveco’s Effibioz patents and in particular to its know-how, Laboratoire Science et Nature continues to opt for products that are both effective and based exclusively on ingredients derived from renewable resources and of plant origin, free from any controversial substances (PE, VOCs, allergens, etc.) that would be harmful to health.

Stephan Auberger, founder of Salveco: “We are delighted with this partnership, which offers Laboratoire Science et Nature our expertise for their detergent and disinfectant brands, with our formulations that are undoubtedly the most health-friendly on the market, and for which we ensure regulatory compliance and sustainability in France and Europe.

About Salveco

SALVECO, an industrial laboratory set up in 1994 and specialising in Plant Chemistry, develops hygiene and cleaning products derived exclusively from renewable resources. Thanks to its breakthrough Effibioz technology and its regulatory expertise, SALVECO provides its customers with products that protect health and the environment, covering a very wide range of professional and consumer applications.

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About LSN

SCIENCE ET NATURE Laboratory, founded in 1972, is a family business specialising in the production of ecological cleaning products and cosmetics.

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