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Need for cleaning products

The maintenance of vehicles, from cars to buses, is undergoing an evolution of practices that brings new requirements from professionals and users:

  • Products with a reduced environmental impact, whether through “waterless” cleaning or through products with total biodegradability
  • Products that are safe for the user to reduce the risks (irritation, allergies, etc.) associated with their use.
  • Products that respect surfaces and materials

The effectiveness of SALVECO products has been proven by leading market players, whether for beautification (wheel cleaning, shampoo for gantry or HP machine, interior renovation, deodorization, etc.) or for maintenance (degreasing, workshop cleaning, tar removal solvents, etc.).

In addition to land vehicles, SALVECO also provides respectful solutions in the aeronautical and nautical fields.

désinfectant pour le secteur du transport et de la mobilité

Our 100% plant-based disinfectants and cleaners for the transport and mobility sector

Automotive Market

  • Wheels cleaner
  • Plastic cleaner
  • Plastic renovator
  • Car interior Cleaner
  • Concentrated pre-wash and wash car body
  • Renovator cleaner
  • Drying accelerator
  • Tire shiner
  • Car boydy shining cleaner
  • Leather cleaner
  • Artificial leather cleaner
  • Insect remover
  • Resin stain remover
  • Anti-fog glass cleaner
  • Car body shampoo
  • Water repellent
  • Pre-washing
  • Smell destroyer
  • Engine cleaner

Nautical Market

  • All purpose alkaline cleaner
  • Engine & bildge degreasing cleane
  • Hulls and decks cleaner
  • Teak Cleaner
  • Stainless steal polish Inox

Aerospace Market

  • Aircraft interior Cleaner
  • Aircraft leather Cleaner
  • Aircraft windows Cleaner
  • All purposes Aircraft Cleaner
  • Aircraft fabrics Cleaner

To go further on disinfection

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