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The Effibioz patent: a unique biocide technology from SALVECO available for your brands, based on plant chemistry, biodegradable and sustainable, committed to reducing risks to health and the environment.

Biocidal products with more favorable profiles for health and the environment: a phrase that might seem contradictory, considering the etymology of the word: biocide, bio- for life, and -cide for kill.

However, it was against this backdrop that Salveco asked itself how it could offer biocidal products with a low risk to health and the environment? And how can we protect the environment while destroying harmful micro-organisms?

After years of research at SALVECO, this approach has been made possible and now benefits from a patent that is unique in Europe in the field of disinfection.

Validated and recognized by European regulations (MA and simplified MA formulas), SALVECO enables its customers to benefit from this technology, either under license or by contract manufacturing your products.

A unique combination of raw materials and active ingredients

To limit risks, while maximizing disinfectant performance, we have chosen a low-risk active substance that is on the restricted list of substances eligible for the simplified authorization procedure (Annex I of the BPR regulation) and registered as a food additive by EFSA: lactic acid.

It took several years of research to find the perfect combination between the active substance and a unique selection of raw materials of plant origin, enabling high efficacy to be achieved (performance at least similar to biocidal products derived from conventional chemistry) while reducing negative impacts on health and the environment.

Uncompromising effectiveness

Our biocidal technology makes no concessions when it comes to effectiveness. We have created a low-risk plant-based technology that is just as effective as standard biocidal products on the BtoB and BtoC market, most of which are based on conventional chemistry.

Compared with other lactic acid-based biocides on the market, our Effibioz patent delivers unrivalled contact times (from 30 seconds) and much lower levels of active substances.

Effectiveness has been demonstrated by European standards including: EN1276, EN13727, EN13697 (bacteria), EN1650, EN13624, EN13697 (yeasts), EN14476+A2, EN16777 (enveloped viruses).

Sustainable technology committed to health and the environment

Our biocide technology has been developed to achieve unrivalled results in terms of respect for the environment and health. With much lower levels of active substances than lactic acid-based disinfectants on the market, our technology significantly reduces the risk of corrosion posed by high-dose lactic acid. Users are therefore protected and do not need to wear PPE to handle or use the products.

As part of our sustainable approach and to protect the environment, we have sought to produce a biocide formula that does not impact surrounding plant and animal species. The end-of-life of our formulas is therefore essential. Our research proved conclusive: our biocidal formulations are 100% biodegradable in 28 days (according to the most stringent OECD 301 guidelines). Our choice of active substance was guided by the less harmful effects of lactic acid on aquatic organisms compared to other disinfectant substances (9,000 to 35,000 times less impacting in quantity than quaternary ammonium and 90,000 times less than1).

What’s more, our expertise in plant chemistry has enabled us to create plant-based formulations that are up to 100% biobased.

A complex regulatory validation procedure that guarantees quality

“The aim of the simplified authorization procedure is to encourage the use of biocidal products that are less harmful to human health, animal health and the environment.” 2 SMA exist to protect the health of users, and Salveco accounts for 58% of existing SMA and 72% of SMA for disinfectant products.

In addition to limiting risks to users, SMA can present a real technological advantage by being exempt from certain restrictions. This is the case, for example, in France, where products under SMA are not affected by decrees 2019-642 (ban on certain commercial practices for certain biocidal products), 2019-643 (ban on advertising for certain categories of biocidal products) and 2019-1052 (ban on self-service sales for certain categories of biocidal products) of the EGAlim law (Law N°2018-938).

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A patented, unique and transformative technology for your brand

Working with SALVECO on your disinfectant project means :

  • accessing a unique patented technology
  • offering your brand the best lactic acid-based technology on the market
  • offering a range of sustainable and committed products
  • reduce the health and environmental risks associated with the use of biocides
  • anticipate European biocide regulations and ensure sustainable product marketing thanks to our SMA

Take advantage of our technology for your brands and products: we create tailor-made formulas for you. Interested in our technology? Do you have a project in mind?

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Comparison of data available on the ECHA website, considering the predicted no-effect concentration on aquatic organisms, for ADBAC and sodium hypochlorite.


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