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Environmental commitment and CSR strategy: How our customer committed to greening its product ranges

CSR strategy: Developing a new range of 100% sustainable products

In a market where sustainability is no longer just a competitive advantage, but a necessity, our customer has chosen a multi-dimensional CSR approach, committed to the long term. This manufacturer of specialized cleaning products for the professional sector identified a growing demand on the part of its customers for products that respect the environment and health. 

This led them to envisage a radical transformation of their offering, with a clear objective: to develop a range of eco-responsible professional detergents and disinfectants (100% biodegradable and plant-based), safe for health and the environment, without compromising on efficacy to guarantee their customers the same results as with their classic ranges formulated with traditional petro-chemicals. Their ambition reflects an important and virtuous awareness that aims to anticipate future regulations on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable innovation.

Innovative solutions from Salveco

To meet this challenge, our customer turned to Salveco, a pioneering contract manufacturer in plant-based chemistry and low-risk disinfection. Together, we worked to green their product range, incorporating Salveco’s patented sustainable technologies: 100% biodegradable, plant-based and guaranteed CLP-free, with efficacy equivalent to their historic ranges. 

Several types of products have been developed, tailored to customer needs: patented professional disinfectant products based on lactic acid, concentrated detergent products for professional and industrial cleaning of various types of specific surfaces. 

The formulas were produced at Salveco and sold to our customer in bulk format (1000L Bulk) for packaging on their industrial premises. In this way, the customer has control over its stocks and finished products, and benefits from the preferential bulk prices. Salveco has expertise in innovative chemistries that respect both the environment and health, offering a rapid response to industries in the sector that wish to commit to an environmental approach. 

A success story for the customer's image and bottom line

The success of this collaboration was quickly evident in the marketplace. The sustainable products not only matched the performance of conventional disinfectant ranges, but also exceeded expectations in terms of customer satisfaction and safety of use. 

Thanks to this new green range, the company has been able to meet its customers’ needs and demonstrate its commitment to the environment and society. Feedback from its own customers, particularly in schools, town halls and industry, has been extremely positive, underlining the effectiveness of the products as well as their contribution to a safer, healthier working environment. 

The testimonials gathered illustrate a genuine satisfaction with the sustainable innovation provided by the customer, leading to significant growth in sales figures for this new green range. 


A fruitful partnership with a genuine commitment to sustainability

On the strength of these impressive results in just a few months, our customer is now committed to continuous improvement of its range. Thanks to feedback from the field, adjustments are being made to the fragrances and textures of certain products to better meet future expectations and reinforce market acceptance. This open innovation process, supported by Salveco’s expertise, not only ensures adaptation to market needs but also reinforces our customer’s leadership in sustainability.

This success story highlights how a commitment to sustainability and innovation can be transformed into real commercial success, and nurtures the image and CSR commitment of industries in the chemical sector, thanks to the partnership with Salveco and the support of Salveco’s expert plant chemistry teams.

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