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Need for cleaning products

Whether in a mechanical workshop, a renovation company, or the food industry, the requirements of professionals in terms of cleaning and cleanliness are found on :

  • the need for immediate efficiency,
  • the facilitation of maintenance,
  • the reduction of chemical risks for employees in order to preserve their health,
  • minimizing the environmental impact of activities.

SALVECO technology allows you to offer your customers in these sectors of activity solutions that meet their expectations in many areas:

  • with products whose performance is at least equivalent to that of traditional chemistry
  • with products with reduced or eliminated associated risks, with enhanced safety for users
  • with totally biodegradable products, reducing the environmental impact of the activity


Thanks to SALVECO you will contribute to improve and facilitate the operations of your customers in areas as varied as:

  • cleaning of industrial floors,
  • maintenance and protection of equipment,
  • maintenance of exterior surfaces and roofs,
  • cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
désinfectants pour le secteur du nettoyage industriel

Our 100% plant-based disinfectants and cleaners for the industrial cleaning, maintenance and agricultural industry

  • Teat disinfectant pre and post
  • Sow shampoo
  • Concentrated foaming disinfectant

To go further on disinfection

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