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Need for cleaning products

Professionals have specific expectations in terms of cleanliness since these establishments welcome people who are more exposed: nurseries, schools, health establishments, care centers, retirement homes…

To preserve the health of children, patients and the elderly, it is necessary to maintain impeccable hygiene in the premises in order to guarantee the absence of microbes and chemical residues (generated by the pollutants in cleaning products).

In addition to optimal cleaning and disinfection, the harmlessness of the products used for the people accommodated must be a priority: they are more fragile because they are more sensitive to irritations, asthma…

Finally, the staff constantly in contact with the products must be able to avoid the risks associated with traditional products such as dermatitis, irritation, etc…

With products from SALVECO technology, you will provide your customers with the appropriate answers by :

  • Minimizing the risks and health impact associated with products (less VOCs, no quaternary ammonium…) or their chemical residues
  • The absence of risk of bioaccumulation of chemical substances
  • Proven effectiveness in disinfection on a wide spectrum of microbes and corresponding to the needs of the sector
  • A minimal environmental footprint
désinfectants pour le marchés des écoles, de la santé et des lieux d'accueil

To go further on disinfection

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Salveco Laboratory

R&D Innovation: an effective biocide in 2 minutes only!

Once again, SALVECO has positioned itself as a pioneer in plant disinfection with its latest innovation. While the majority of disinfectants on the market are effective with contact times of 5 minutes at least, the SALVECO laboratory recently succeeded in developing a dinsinfectant formula that is effective in just 2 minutes! A feat made possible by our Research and Development team.

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