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R&D Innovation: an effective biocide in 2 minutes only!

Once again, SALVECO has positioned itself as a pioneer in plant disinfection with its latest innovation. While the majority of disinfectants on the market are effective with contact times of 5 minutes at least, the SALVECO laboratory recently succeeded in developing a dinsinfectant formula that is effective in just 2 minutes! A feat made possible by our Research and Development team.

A major innovation in disinfection

Currently, there are few biocides capable of disinfecting in 5 minutes without the product used being harmful to health or the environment. Biocides with contact times of less than 5 minutes are either effective only on a certain type of micro-organisms, or their formulation includes compounds that are particularly dangerous for the user and/or their environement.

Why choose when you can have both?

According to the SALVECO charter, there are no compromises. It is entirely possible to create a biocide that is both effective over short contact times, while preserving the health og the user and the environment.

An effective disinfectant in less than just 2 minutes?

The R&D team worked tireless to develop a biocide based on bio-sourced ingredients, effective in dirty conditions and eliminating micro-organisms in less that 5 minutes.

It is with great pride that SALVECO finally annouces the success of its latest innovation: a cleaning and disinfecting formula (Biocidal Products Typ 2/4) in spray form, effective on bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses for a contact time reduced to 2 minutes!

Formula characteristics:

  • Biosourced formula: 100% ingredients are plant and mineral origin
  • EU Marketing Authorization under biocidal product regulations
  • No hazard pictograms, not classified as harmful under CLP
  • Eliminates 99,9% of enveloped bacteria, yeasts and viruses
  • Effective even in dirty conditions, thanks to its dual cleaning and disinfecting action
  • Without mechanical action: 2 minutes contact time on bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses (in accordance with standards EN1276, EN1650, EN13697, EN14476 and EN16777 in dirty conditions and at 20°C)
  • With mechanical action: 1 minute contact time on bacteria and yeasts (in accordance with EN1276, EN1650 and EN16615 in dirty conditions and at 20°C)

* The effectiveness tests were carried out and validated by independent ISO17025 certified laboratories

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