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Need for cleaning products

The professionals of the catering industry have a very high level of requirement regarding cleaning:

  • Speed and efficiency of cleaning and disinfection
  • Respect of surfaces and dishes
  • Comfort of use and reduction of risks for users
  • Food contact

The solutions offered by SALVECO allow you to meet these expectations thanks to :

  • Minimization of risks and health impact associated with the products
  • Cleaning efficiency proven in-situ by leading players
  • Proven disinfection efficiency on a broad and representative spectrum of bacteria
  • A minimal environmental footprint


SALVECO technology can therefore meet all the needs of a kitchen, from the disinfection of work surfaces to the cleaning of dishes, including the maintenance of ovens, floors, etc.

désinfectants e nettoyants pour le secteur de la restauration commerciale et collective

To go further on disinfection

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