SALVECO® is an industrial laboratory, specialized in plant-based chemistry, for hygiene and daily home care products. Its unique technology allows Salveco to deliver to professionals and customers efficient, competitive and highly safe alternatives to conventional chemistry.

R&D Center
Breakthrough technology

Industrial R&D center specialised in plant based chemistry, multi-disciplinary skills in order to assure quality, safety, efficiency, technological and regulatory watch

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Safe and secure products,
Yet efficient and cost-effectives

Development of professional and home care products range, highly secure for the users and the environment

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A full offer, adapted to all your needs

SALVECO proposes customized answers to manufacturers’ and distributors’ needs thanks to an highly perfoming production unit, from bulk to full service.

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Your markets, your needs

Our Blockbusters

A Salveco cutting-edge expertise

Some case studies


French leader in professional hygiene products and materials distribution, PLG (Pierre LEGOFF Group) is a key figure in this market. Lire la suite