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Pioneer in the 100% plant-based and biodegradable* disinfection market, SALVECO obtains the first European Marketing Authorization (Union MA) in addition to all its SMA, for its range of biocidal products

Pioneer in the 100% plant-based and biodegradable disinfection market, SALVECO obtains the first European Marketing Authorization (Union MA) in addition to all its SMA, for its range of biocidal products

Saint Dié des Vosges – 2022, October 10th

The French laboratory SALVECO is proud to announce that it has obtained the first European Marketing Authorization (MA) issued by ECHA for biocidal products based on lactic acid. Making its technology and formulas available to all professionals in the sector, both in B2B and B2C, SALVECO thus enables brands and distributors of detergent and disinfectant products to drastically accelerate and simplify the launch of their concentrated and ready to use next generation products, environmentally friendly and safe for users.

Expert in the field of the formulation of hygiene, disinfection and cleaning products with low health and environmental impact, SALVECO is the first laboratory to obtain a European Marketing Authorization (MA), through the Union, thus giving manufacturers of detergents and disinfectants long-term access to all European markets at once.

In order to ensure a minimum level of protection for humans, animals and the environment, the regulatory framework for marketing authorizations for disinfectant products (biocides) has become stricter. Today, by exploiting only renewable and harmless resources, SALVECO offers a real alternative. Since 2014, SALVECO has also been the first holder of Simplified Marketing Authorizations (SMA) for lactic acid-based biocides in Europe, the only one in France, and holds more than a hundred of them.

Thanks to these long-term authorizations and its innovative Effibioz technology, SALVECO is able to supply manufacturers with biocidal products eligible for market access between 3 and 6 months only, in all European countries, and guaranteed for 10 years.

Supported by SALVECO experts, brands, distributors and manufacturers of cleaners and detergents can now quickly launch their new generation range under their own brand and thus offer their consumers products that respect the environment (alcohol-free, quaternary ammonium-free, without bleach, without endocrine disruptors, without toxic “secret agents”) and as effective and economical as conventional chemicals without the risks associated to some phase-in substances.

Stéphan Auberger, founder of SALVECO, reminds us of his commitment and the sanitary emergency: “Aware of the impacts on our health linked to chemical pollution, and as an actor of change, SALVECO provides you with new generation formulas, approved by the authorities which have been developed without compromising on your health while being economical and effective”.

SALVECO, Chemistry inspired by the future, is more than ever the ecological alternative for the major players who engage in this sanitary emergency, founding argument of their CSR.

* (biodegradable according to OECD 301 guidelines)


SALVECO, an industrial laboratory created in 1994 and specialized in plant-based chemistry, develops hygiene and cleaning products exclusively from renewable resources. Thanks to its breakthrough technology Effibioz and its regulatory know-how, SALVECO provides its customers with ultra-safe products, covering a very wide range of professional and consumer applications.

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