SALVECO laboratory plant-based chemistry pioneer

SALVECO Laboratories: a long experience in health benefits

Act I - SALVECO Laboratories guarantee virtuous biocidal products!

SALVECO has a research center with expertise in ingredient sourcing, formulation and regulations.

With an industrial structure, it develops and manufactures its own biocidal products that are good for health and the environment and effective in their action.

From a regulatory point of view, the laboratory’s biocidal products fall into two main categories:

  • The ones with a “standard” marketing authorization (MA) based on the requirements of art.17 and following of the “Biocides” Regulation
  • And those benefiting from a “simplified” marketing authorization (AMMS), on the basis of art.25 relating to the simplified authorization procedure for biocidal products presenting a higher level of protection of human health and the environment without compromising their effectiveness.

SALVECO is therefore part of a Corporate Social Responsibility approach, which can be used to support the CSR approach of its customers.

CSR is defined by the European Commission as a company’s consideration of the impact of its activities on society.

Act II - The SALVECO products sales: a responsible and guaranteed act!

Thus, the positioning of the Laboratories touches on both the legal dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility and the impact of companies’ activities on society.

In fact, regulatory compliance and the positioning associated with SALVECO’s technology reduce the risk of responsibility during the commercialization process. The products formulated by SALVECO are naturally in line with the CSR policy of its customers, biocide distributors, or any other deliberate approach in favor of sustainable development (ISO 26000 standard, Global compact, etc.).

Biocidal products derived from SALVECO’s patented EFFIBIOZ Technology guarantee distributors a low responsibility risk index and ensure a high level of “CSR” positioning.

Act III - SALVECO's CSR commitments

Working with SALVECO is also a way of ensuring a Corporate Social Responsibility approach. Through its CSR commitment, the company is involved on a daily basis in order to :

  • RESPECT consumers by offering them products that are healthy to use
  • RESPECT the environment through eco-designed products, from the selection of raw materials to the biodegradability of the finished product, without forgetting the use of clean technologies in production (eco-processes, geothermal energy, solar panels…)
  • PROMOTE long term partnerships with its Customers, Partners and Suppliers through its Quality Management System and by making Customer Satisfaction a permanent target
  • PROMOTE the well-being of its employees by investing in Safety, Quality of Life at Work and the development of individual internal skills
  • DEVELOP the local economic and social fabric by creating technical and financial partnerships with local players, universities and associations

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