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International Declaration on Diseases due to Chemical Pollution of 7 May 2004

February 15, 2019 -NEWSLETTER OF THE PARIS APPEAL n° 51

Dear Sir or Madam,

With a wealth of experience and following the detailed analysis of all substances and mixtures that were used, the Association for Research and Treatment Against Cancer (ARTAC) would like to introduce you a range of natural household cleaning products deprived of any toxic effects and that are environmentally respectful.

Natural household cleaning products for daily use deprived of any toxic effects and that are environmentally respectful developed by SALVECO


The vast majority of mass-market household cleaning products is using a number of artificial molecules stemming from conventional synthetic chemistry. Although the international regulation has become very strict with regards to sanitary protection, some of those are not deprived of toxic effects as the increase in frequency of allergies and intolerances, endocrine pathologies, degenerative diseases and cancers demonstrate that.

Moreover, their environmental impact is by far not insignificant: excessive water consumption, presence of accumulative persistent compounds in used water and in the atmosphere, or habitat alteration.

SALVECO, led by Stephan AUBERGER, PhD , creates and develops personal hygiene and disinfectant household cleaning products based on an innovative, unique and patented technology where natural substances are combined one with another. The latter are made of raw materials exclusively vegetal and without any synthetic additives. Moreover they have been chosen according to their sanitary innocuousness, complete biodegradability and ability to be renewable resources.

For all those reasons and unlike most products currently on the market, SALVECO technology generates products that respect human health and protect the Environment at once.

Sanitary security

Although SALVECO’s products are by definition within the regulatory framework of Biocides, they are nothing comparable to the classical ones, which harmful effects on health can despite enforced regulations, be feared.

As previously stated SALVECO’s products are exclusively composed of natural and non-allergenic substances such as lactic acid, citric acid, sugars and vegetal oils from beet, straw, maize or copra without any additional synthetic chemical additive.

Finished products are besides rigorously tested in independent laboratories to certify their complete innocuousness and in particular the absence of endocrine disruptors using XETA, REACTIV and RADAR tests. Moreover most finished products have been the first to be validated by public health experts through studies realised in the most vulnerable subjects of the population. The RUB Sanitizer in infants and the Surface Disinfectant Cleaner in adults who have trouble with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are one of there. In any case, tested products turned out to be well tolerated by those frail subjects.

Respect for the Environment

SALVECO’s products are eco-friendly because: (1) their production is made from plants that are rigorously selected on their property to be entirely renewable (growth and development); and (2) their complete biodegradability (according to the OCDE 301B guidelines) which means that they generate in no way at all potential toxic residue into the Environment as they break down completely into water and carbon dioxide.


Of course, SALVECO’s products have received double accreditation as they are submitted to the REACH European regulation and to the CLP regulation, respectively since 2007 and 2009.

On the other hand SALVECO technology meets in every respect the eligibility and simplified procedure conditions of the article 25 of Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No528/2012 rules concerning low-risk Biocides drawing up and defining a very restricted list of active substances and European rules regarding classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) of chemical products in accordance with the requirements of the CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.


With regard to their intrinsic biological qualities, SALVECO products are completely safe as far as public health is concerned, and eminently Environment protective as far as ecology is concerned.

Disinfectant products developed at SALVECO are explicitly regarded as low-risk substitution solutions.

Stephan AUBERGER, PhD has developed innovative, safe, and alternative solutions to the existing polluting chemistry for the sake of a healthier community.

The success that these innovations have struck on the national (France) and international markets deserve to be further expanded.


Kind regards.

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