Who we are

Our mission is to create a rupture: to supply the chemistry for cleaning and disinfection that will be highly efficient, safer and more respectful of users and their environment.

Women and men at Salveco work every day to supply the base of a cleaning and disinfection that will be safer and more secure for Man.

Highly efficient, respectful of environment, the solutions proposed by SALVECO allow our customers to reduce induced risks from the use of chemicals by end users.

Leveraging a technological breakthrough, SALVECO proposes to its partners to supply professionals with the advantages delivered by plant-based chemistry: formulas of 100% natural origin, reduced toxicity, no eco-toxicity, 100% biodegradability, renewable resources, no synthesis ingredients…

Thanks to a careful selection of various natural or bio-sourced ingredients, an advanced formation expertise, and a unique patented hydrosolubilisation process, SALVECO delivers complete ranges of products that are well above labels’ requirements such as the Euro Ecolabel or the Ecocert, for any of your customer’s business (catering, lodging, health, industry…)

Every day, for you, for your customers, SALVECO delivers chemistry inspired by the future.