Disinfecting Hand Soap

Plant-based formulation and 100% biodegradable, complying with the disinfecting use standards, concentration, dilution, contact time, reference strains.


There is now an international awareness aimed at limiting the risks linked to the use of chemical products (Adoption of the Global Harmonized System by the UNO). In addition, the recent European Regulations (REACH 1907/2006, biocides 98/8/CE) aim to restrict the distribution of dangerous chemical components as well as strictly regulate their use.

 For fifteen years, infectious diseases increased by 15 % [1]. Our hands, first vector of contamination at the origin of ¾ of these infections, are the seat of a very large number of microorganisms (between 10 000 and 100 million per cm2) potentially, that are hazardous and can be transferred up to the 6th person.

With an average of 480 bacteria per cm2 on a computer keyboard, 4000 per cm² on a phone handset and even up to 1.5 million per cm2 on a sponge, hand hygiene appears undoubtedly to be the simplest and the most important measure in order to prevent the spread of germs and infections.

In this fight against microorganisms, many disinfectant soaps, mostly based on Triclosan® were developed. Although heavily employed in personal care products, this substance was quickly highlighted by competent agencies and authorities for its irritating side and its ability to cause hormonal imbalances. Indeed, it could be shown that regular and prolonged use of this agent in these formulations can lead to bacterial resistance and/or cause hormonal disturbances. Also, studies have shown its toxicity on mice according to a mechanism transposable to humans [2].

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Alternatives to these alcohol-based formulas have been developed, however they contain substances that may be irritating, harmful and dangerous for the environment such as quaternary ammonium compounds and chlorhexidine.



The Salveco® Disinfecting Hand Soap is as effective as leading market products and is based on components coming exclusively from plant-based renewable resources.


Efficient and safe, Salveco® Disinfecting Hand Soap meets the biocidal activity standards required by the professionals of health, while respecting the skin of the user and the environment throughout its life cycle.



Green : Disinfecting product from Salveco Technology
Red : Disinfecting product from conventional chemistry