Nov 9

Time to clean-up !

The French magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs scrutinizes in its publication « Traquez les molécules » the ingredients of 77 Home care products. « Some are chemical concentrates that should be reserved for very dirty areas or at risk, like factories or hospitals. In these mixtures, too much corrosive, irritant and allergenic ingredients." 

Jul 13

Should industrials take the Hippocratic Oath « Primum non nocere » ?

Inorganic chemistry has emerged 4 billion years ago... our galaxy, planets, and fire have thus been born.


Mother Nature has invented organic chemistry that created our planet and Life 400 million years ago.


Man has developed chemical synthesis 100 years ago mainly by tracing the deadly oil that fled away for millions of years.


May 30

Interview with the french Professor BELPOMME on Endocrine Disruptors

Interview with Professor BELPOMME on RMC , May 13, 2016 , on Endocrine Disruptors:


Mar 31

Everyday hazardous substances coming to light

The French magazine “UFC – Que choisir” calls consumers to stop buying 185 cosmetics containing allergenic substances or endocrine disruptors.


Oct 7

Chemicals threaten fertility

“For the first time, an international federation of obstetrician-gynecologists appeals to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in the food chain and the environment. Endocrine disruptors are especially targeted.

Oct 2

Is alcohol-based hand gel dangerous to our health?



The hydro-alcoholic solutions, well known as the alcohol-based hand gels are used every day in the workplace by medical community staff. They are also known to the public since the time of the H1N1 virus and are widely available in supermarkets, pharmacy, drugstore, web sales ...


Sep 3

Ingestion of hazardous products by young children

Given the increasing number of cases of poisoning of children following ingestion of dangerous products, the Directorate General of Health (DGH) and the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCFC) expressly warn the parents, and relaunch their recommendations to avoid the risk of accidental ingestion [1] :

Jun 8

Cleaning without polluting

Essential elements of our everyday life, home care products are increasingly criticized because of the danger of some petrochemical ingredients used in their composition. As for example quaternary ammonium and bleach, they may represent a real hazard to human health, animal well-being, as well as environment. That is why currently they are sources of frequent questioning and alarming.