Women in science, why so few ?

Figures that leave no doubt:

• only 28% of researchers worldwide are women

• only 3% of Nobel prizes are  awarded to women

• only 26% of women are researchers in France

A rare exception worth mentionning: Bolivia with its 63%  women researchers!

Despite the fact that more women than men today achieve high level education, women are largely underrepresented in scientific fields.

How to explain this "disenchantment" of women for science?


Air pollution: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), what is the real issue?

Air quality is a major public health issue and a real concern for stakeholders. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are among the major air pollutants. VOCs are defined as any compound of natural or anthropogenic origin that contains carbon and hydrogen (excluding methane). VOCs also include more complex substances where some hydrogen atoms may be substituted by oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, or halogen atoms (especially chlorine or fluorine). These compounds are in the state of gas or vapor under normal conditions of temperature and pressure.



Interview with the french Professor BELPOMME on Endocrine Disruptors

Interview with Professor BELPOMME on RMC , May 13, 2016 , on Endocrine Disruptors:


12 years ago, in 2004, the oncologist Professor BELPOMME gave a first alert to the public, concerning viruses causing cancer. An intervention that was criticized at the time, but that is proven and recognized now thanks to numerous research and articles published in top international magazines.