How to safely launch new biocidal products?

Comply with European regulations for your detergent and disinfection ranges​

How to safely launch new biocidal products?

BPR, MA, SMA, ECHA,…. Do you feel lost between all these acronyms? 

You want to sell biocidal products and grow your business in the disinfection and detergents market.

But you discover there are many regulations to know.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Is compliance and safety a topic of concern for you?

In this white paper, you will find:

  • The main European regulations you have to know
  • What is an MA, an SMA, the transitional regime
  • Expert tips to comply with regulatory changes
  • Better grasp of biocidal regulation
  • How to secure your markets and products

You will also be introduced to plant-based disinfection, an innovative and green technology that meets all your needs. And meet a partner and expert that will help you achieve your business goals.

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