Home-Sweet-Home: 5 tips for cleaning without polluting your home and the environment!

1.  Perfumes : prefer unscented or natural scented products

Warning ! “natural” or “plant-based” does not mean without danger. So if you can’t live without scented reminders of Bora-bora, Tahiti and the likes, prefer natural scents that are properly dosed! Perfume means VOCs (Volatil Organic Compounds), some which can be toxic.

SALVECO products are made with perfumes of 100% natural origin, no need to hold your breath while cleaning to avoid breathing toxic particles. There aren’t any in our products!


2.  Packaging : Switch for refills  and/or recyclable formats

Prefer products with refills, recyclable bottles, and avoid voluminous transportation-heavy solutions.  This will reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of plastic going into our dumps. Mother Nature will thank us!

SALVECO offers concentrated formulas that can be onsite at bottling facilities or directly where the products are to be used. Such concentrates are without transport classification (only a few exceptions) rarely) and are highly efficient in their diluted ready-to-use formats.


3.  Dosage : respect the recommended doses

Why over-dose?  Certainly not to increase the effectiveness of our products. No need to waste our resources or energy uselessly. This is important to respect the product instructions, especially when it comes to recommended doses.

SALVECO products use plant-based actives carefully chosen for their efficiency even at low doses.They are rigorously tested up against traditional “chemical” benchmarks in real conditions. Last but not least, they are100% biodegradable on their entire composition, into substances that are safe for the environment and for humans.


4.  Multipurpose : to avoid the cocktail effect

Always for the well-being of our home-sweet-homes (and our wallets!, think multipurpose products. The concept?  One product for multiple applications! When one product suits the situation, no need to use two.  There is enough cocktail in the air, no need to add more!

SALVECO produces specialized and multi-purpose products carefully adjusted to user needs and thereby avoiding “layering” of multiple products.  They also contain no toxic VOCs.  What better way of keeping our air from turning into un unhealthy cocktail of undesirable and unhealthy particles?!


5.  Disinfect, yes but  reasonably

Of course it is important to disinfect but over-disinfection kills disinfection! In many instances, excessive disinfection can have a counter-effect by encouraging the development or resistant bacteria . This is especially true when using petrochemical disinfectants.

SALVECO patented lactic acid-based disinfectants are made of 100% plant-based actives. The Tomorrow’s brains less smart? They do not damage the skin or surfaces and kill microbes, germs and bacteria, without developing bacterial resistance.