Endocrine disruptors: the debate continues, and will not end tomorrow !


There is at least one thing we can all agree on: no one is indifferent when it comes to endocrine disruptors! This is particularly true for a laboratory like Salveco which places HEALTH at the center of its concerns. That’s why Salveco regularly come back to this preoccupying topic, that raises many questions,divides, and around which public authorities are slow to react due to financial stakes and pressure form lobbies. .

Tomorrow's brains less smart ?

These substances, present everywhere in our daily environment and already suspected to be the source of a long list of pathologies, are under fire once again. Lately, endocrinologists and neurobiologists have pointed to the perverse effects of endocrine disruptors on our brain and our IQ levels that have dropped over the years… And our brains are not the only organ of our bodies targeted by endocrine disruptors !

Tomorrow, less reproductive ?

One wonders, rightfully! It would seem that endocrine disruptors have unwillingly become great contraceptives and with irreversible effect! At this pace, with growing infertility or declining fertility, having children may become a luxury … Future generations already see their reproductive potential in danger. Indeed, babies born today are being exposed to more than 100 potential endocrine disruptors", according to Barbara Demeneix, professor of The Endocrine Society.

Who is right ? Who is wrong ?

The debate session is open and the respective inquisitors and defenders of endocrine disruptors each with their own arguments.  Defenders consider that there is not enough convincing evidence to blame all of today’s health problems (diabetes, obesity, infertility, infertility, cancers, etc.) on endocrine disruptors.   (Meanwhile, the anti-endocrine disruptor camp considers that they contribute to many of today’s environmental diseases such as prostate cancer, autism, infertility, obesity or diabetes, illnesses that weigh heavily on the economy and the well-being of our societies "


What can we do ?

The debate is far from over, that is for certain. Between the arguments and the counter-arguments there is much to get confused over. In absence of certitudes, we have a moral responsibility to protect the populations at greatest risk, mainly children. How ?? To start with, by keeping away from the established lists of recognized and suspected endocrine disruptors regularly published, for example, on official websites such as that of the Ministry Ecological Transition and on numerous reputable websites such as the INRS’s. It is all ? Stay posted !


Think about alternatives !

To be able to identify endocrine disruptors and their origins is already is already a giant step forward. Then, it is important to know that alternatives exist, thankfully. Alternatives that respect our health, that are as effective as petrochemical products and affordable. A good illustration of such alternatives are the hygiene and disinfection products made by SALVECO, whose formulas are totally free of any substance declared or suspected to be endocrine disruptors published on the Ministry of ecological transition or on that of EU health authority websites.

Indeed, SALVECO’s technology allows to produce efficient formulas without use of such undesirable substances, and products that moreover are 100% biodegradable on their entire composition.